My groundbreaking discoveries on solar wind, solar  cycles and activity and climate variability, enhanced with more documentation and detailed description of the physical mechanisms involved, documenting how solar activity drives climate, how sun spots and solar wind form and why ice ages occur

Other academic works (in Greek)

Diploma Thesis

NTUA, 09/1998

MSc Thesis

NTUA, 09/2005

The Nilometer measurements correction.

Now even the Nile low levels fully comply with my climate theory model.

New Jan 2016 A presentation to sumarize the solar wind, sunspot cycles and solar driven climate mechanisms


opera scripta

New Apr 2016 my research published at GJP journal . Between others a new physical property: thermal natural frequency is introduced to explain the solar wind phenomenon. 

APHORISM Time is... the infinite spatial dimensions that collapsed to comply to Fermat's last theorem

New June 2018 An answer to the critique that tidal forces from orbiting planets are very weak to produce any visible effect to sun (enhanced)

I am not a faculty member in any University nor have received any grands for my research.

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These works are the product of big efforts of my lonely course in science                                           

Articles (in Greek)

New June 2020 my new paper "What is solar wind?" published at  IJSEI journal (link)

Περί του Φιλιατρινού φράγματος παραλειπόμενα

Ελευθερία Καλαμάτας, 03/2014

Γιατί ο πολιτισμός καταρρέει και πως θα διαφυλαχθεί η ανθρώπινη οντότητα

ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ, 12/2014

Φορολόγιση υψηλών καταθέσων, μία διέξοδος για την οικονομία

Ελευθερία Καλαμάτας και ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ, 4/2015

Εξελίξεις σε θέματα κλιματικών αλλαγών και ενέργειας

Αντίβαρο, 7/2016

Επικίνδυνη "πράσινη" ενέργεια

ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ, 12/2016

Ποιός ευθύνεται για τις κλιματικές μεταβολές;
SLpress, 4/2021